“Kristine’s knowledge and understanding of different faiths, and the sensitivity she brings to working with everyone – from East London Catholic schoolchildren to Hindu priests and Muslim scholars – are hard to match. 


"I’ve learnt an enormous amount from observing her at work.”


Safiya Sayed Baharun, Press Officer, Islamic Relief

Impact training:

(More recent testimonials are on the Home page.)


"Excellent! Very informative, clear and helpful."

"I really liked the trainer - she was clear, kind and encouraging."

"All relevant to the changing research landscape."

(Participants, Edge Hill University, Research, Impact and the Media: Telling Your Story, November 2018)


"Lots of good tips and guidance for preparing impact statement."

"Great session and agenda, enjoyable and engaging."

"Very clear, good expertise, good communicator, empathetic."

(Participants, London South Bank University, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, October 2018)


"This is very useful stuff for all BGS staff!"

"Trainer was very professional, competent and supported free discussion."

"Good pace, clear explanations."

(Participants, British Geological Survey Edinburgh, Research Impact, Evidence Gathering and Writing Your Impact Story, September 2018)


"Excellent, broad and thought-provoking."

"I have understood what impact really is. It will help me write better Pathways to Impact sections in grant applications."

"Very clear and a good speed (didn’t feel rushed)."

(Participants, Coventry University, Core Impact Training and Impact Through Public Engagement)


"Excellent! Great energy and clarity of explanation, and happy to answer questions."

"I would highly recommend attending."

"This session was excellent and well worth attending. 10/10!"

"She was excellent! Great communicator - succeeded in keeping my attention all morning (and this is not easy!)"

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Chester, April 2018)


"Thoroughly recommended."

"Very rich and informative session."

"Good overview, helpful and reassuring - roll on the next one!"

(Participants, Gathering Evidence to Corroborate Your Impact, University of Chester, April 2018)

"The depth of insight the presenter had on the development of case studies [was particularly useful]."

"I will start looking for impacts in ways I would have dismissed in the past."

"Very knowledgeable. Good communicator."

"Trainer was good, and excuse the pun - made an impact and showed me cases and examples of impact that I personally would have overlooked."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact: Case Study Development, Evidence Gathering and Writing a Strong Narrative, Aston University, February 2018)


"Learning a huge amount about how scientists might impact policy. Really liked the practical examples."

"Really thought-provoking written exercises."

"Kristine answered questions very professionally, providing everyone with ideas on how to move things forward."

(Participants, influencing policy and policy brief writing for senior reseachers, International Ocean Discovery Program, January 2018)


"Kristine was great, very clear [about] our aims, objectives and a very intersting speaker. She is very knowledgeable."

"Very helpful and approachable."

"Very good at explaining the course material and making it relevant for the group."

(Participants, core impact training for ECRs and introduction to policy impact, International Ocean Discovery Program, January 2018)


"Very well structured and a lot of relevant examples."

"She was excellent. I liked her delivery style and patience with us! Thank you!"

"All very clear / engaging / very useful feedback on my own impact case study."

(Participants, Gathering Evidence to Corroborate Your Impact, School of Oriental and African Studies, December 2017)


"Very good. Clearly understands our needs. Very facilitative."

"Clear as ever. Good session structure and delivery."

"Great communication and relaxed style - led to interesting discussion and relevant insights."

(Participants, Gathering Impact Evidence, Anglia Ruskin University, Health Sciences, October 2017)


"Very knowledgeable and helpful - able to respond to specific requirements of department."

"Very polished, articulate and well-informed - created a very good impression of Bulletin!"

"Less scared of the process now I understand better."

"Excellent - friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and helpful."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester, Department of Psychology, September 2017)


"Excellent. Great interpersonal skills. Tailored the session to meet my needs."

(One-to-one participant, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, September 2017)


"It was really useful and gave us lots of good pointers for moving our case studies forward."

(Team leader, Impact Case Study Development, Anglia Ruskin University, Social Care and Social Policy, July 2017)


"Undoubtedly moved the team forwards in a very positive and supportive way."

"Excellent, thorough, thought-provoking and very positive."

"Kristine was great. Very informative."

"Very well prepared about our work."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester, Department of Law, July 2017)


"Excellent as always."

"Extremely helpful. Could do with Kristine working in the Faculty."

"Clear, organised presentation. Good focus on key points as well as discursive ideas."

(Participants, Towards the REF2021: Developing Your Impact Case Studies, Anglia Ruskin University, Health Sciences, June 2017)


"Very useful overview of policymaking and makers. Sample policy briefs were really useful to see and to critique."

"Very helpful and friendly. Listened well/actively. Gave useful feedback."

"Sign up if you get a chance."

(Participants, Influencing Policymakers: Effective Briefs, Open University, June 2017)


"Highly informative. Very knowledgeable presenter. Learnt a great deal."

"We are just at the starting point of our impact case study, so the information provided has provided much clarity and guidance for the way forward!"

"Very clear. Handled difficult people very well."

"Good at time management."

"She was brilliant."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester Business School, May 2017)


"Great. Very informative."

"Very useful. Gives a good 'Outside Bangor University' perspective."

"Very knowledgeable and answered questions precisely."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact for Mid-Career Researchers, Bangor University, May 2017)


"There was a range of topics that were all relevant to the stage in my career."

"[As a result of this workshop, I will] begin collecting specific measurables and evidence for my impact in research."

"Very engaging and authoritative."

"Very experienced and knows what she's talking about."

(Participants, Building Research Impact Skills for ECRs, Bangor University, May 2017)


"It was all very helpful."

"It was all excellent."

(Participants, Impactful Engagement with Groups, Events and Projects, University of Westminster, April 2017)


"Very clear and well structured."

"Really good, 'insider info'."

"I feel quite confident about going forward now."

"Highly recommend!"

(Participants, Policy brief writing, University of Southampton, February 2017) 


"I have now overcome the phobia of starting a blog. Also I have a clear understanding of what a good blog should look and read like."

"Very practical and immediately useful."

"Go for it!"

(Participants, Articulating Your Story and Impact Through Social and Digital Media, Aberystwyth University, November 2016)


"An excellent opportunity to reflect on the best way to create an effective impact narrative."

"I will now be more open-minded about generating different types of impact."

"Good for getting the wheels in gear."

(Participants, Advanced Impact refresher, Open University, Centre for Reseach in Computing, October 2016)


"Opened a door to a world I realize I know very little about!"

"Very clear advice."

"Essential for anyone who is planning to submit a grant application that has the potential to impact policy/practice."

(Participants, Effective Policy Briefs, University of Southampton, October 2016)


"A very valuable experience which demystifies the process of giving radio interviews and left me with lots of practical tools/tips."

"I will be more pro-active in following up links between my research and 'what’s in the news'.”

"Kind, encouraging and experienced. Anecdotes from experience very helpful."

(Participants, Media Training for Women, University of Winchester, September 2016)


"Thank you so much for the two IMPACT workshops for the Social Work/Social Policy REF team. We have made real progress with our evolving case studies and are all much clearer on the types of information we need to be gathering." (Prof Carol Munn-Giddings, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Anglia Ruskin University, July 2016) 


"Kristine was excellent. It was brilliant, and they [colleagues who did not attend] missed a great session."

"It exceeded my expectations."

"Highly qualified and professional. Excellent."

(Participants, Making an impact with your research, University of Westminster Researcher Network, May 2016)


"Fantastic! Clear, concise, knowledgeable."

"Kristine was great, very knowledgeable."

"Highly recommended."

(Participants, Effective Policy Briefs, University of Southampton, April 2016)


"Very knowledgeable trainer. Lots of good tips. Great exercises."

"Precise, constructive and very helpful."

"Would definitely recommend."

(Participants, effective research communication for members of the Leadership programme, University of Nottingham, March 2016)


"The best Friday I've had in ages!"

"Worth every minute."

"Absolutely excellent."

(Participants, Media training for women academics, University of Chester, February 2016)


"Excellent. Well structured and went at a good pace."

"Excellent, beautiful delivery and clear, considered response to questions and concerns."

"Worthwhile, informative, stimulating, encouraging, expertly facilitated."

(Participants, impact skills training for mid-career academics, University of Chester, February 2016)

"Very good, helpful, constructive."

"Very good trainer, clear information."

"Trainer was excellent."

(Participants, Effective Policy Briefs, University of Southampton, February 2016)


"Very clear and comprehensive. I came away with action points regarding impact strategy.  In addition, I gained new, concrete ideas for enhancing impact in relation to my own research."

"Very professional – able to speak in detail about my work and apply generic ideas to my practice/research."

(Participants, impact skills training for non-STEM areas, University of Winchester, January 2016)


"Very clear, well-paced presentation."

"Very responsive, personable and knowledgeable."

"Excellent as always."

(Participants, impact case study training, Anglia Ruskin University, January 2016)


"An excellent and insightful introduction - with a sense of real understanding, expertise and experience underpinning the session."

"Very clear. Good listener. Good at processing comments quickly and accurately."

(Participants, impact training, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, December 2015)


"Well presented, facilitated and engaged. Excellent documentation and handouts."

"Very organised and excellent pacing.  Really clear and informative."

"Excellent – very clear and knowledgeable guidance on impact."

"Competent and enthusiastic and clear. Good combination!"

"Very thorough answers to diverse range of questions."

"Course was brilliantly delivered. Left me feeling more confident about the subject."

(Participants, impact training, London South Bank University, November 2015)


"The pace was just right."

"Very good, very clear, useful documentation to take away."

"A very useful and engaging session."

"Definitely worth attending."

(Participants, impact training for mid-career researchers, University of Greenwich, November 2015)


"I really enjoyed your course and have taken away a great deal for application in my research design."

“Very professional, knowledgeable, useful and nice. She was exceptionally well organised, and encourages interaction and participation.”

"Excellent, relevant examples and feedback."

(Delegates, impact training for early career researchers, University of Greenwich, June 2015)


"My view of what impact is and how to go about capturing it has been transformed."

"Engaging, knowledgeable, very clear."


(Delegates, University of Sussex, public engagement and impact workshop, June 2015)


"Extremely knowledgeable and excellent delivery style. Engaged and involved all the delegates. Thank you!"

"Very well run and structured."

"Useful from start to end."

(Delegates, impact champions, University of Greenwich, May 2015)


"People found it very useful, for some a reminder, for others new information."

(Impact strategy training, March 2015)


“Really enjoyed the session. I like your style and the way you used participants’ own experiences and examples to illustrate what you were training us to do.”

“Stimulated good discussion.”

“Excellent pace.”

“Thank you, it was really helpful!"

“Good fun.”

(Training for Trainers workshop, December 2014)


"Can I say how helpful I thought your presentation was... you gave us a lot to think about."

(Impact strategy training, October 2014)


"Clear, coherent presentation - pace good. Plenty of opportunities for discussion."

"Enjoyable, authoritative and stimulating."

"Very well informed and interactive."

(Policy training, September 2014)


"It was excellent - really top quality."

"A good mix of encouragement and constructive criticism, discussion and trainer input."

(Radio presentation workshop, August 2014)  


"Very good, intelligent, thoughtful and knowledgeable."

"Superb - really excellent."
"Excellent facilitation – very thorough, nicely paced and informative. Hopefully see you again soon!"

"Nice style. Engaging. Knowledgeable and energizing."

(Participants, impact skills workshops, July 2014)


"Excellent! Great communicator, very engaging and insightful."

"Had lots of expertise to bring to the table."

"Very good and articulate."

(Participants, impact skills workshop, June 2014)


“Really found Kristine knowledgeable and totally relevant. Also really liked the way she revisited our learning objectives. Very effective.” (Delegate, impact workshop, March 2013)


"I really must reiterate how fantastic your course was - a perfect balance between the theoretical and practical. I actually now look forward to the day when I can make another elevator pitch!" (Delegate, programme researcher course, February 2013)


"Useful and enjoyable."

"Very clearly presented."

"It forced us to think about, and identify, the crucial aspects of our case studies."

(Delegates, impact workshop, February 2013)

"Beautifully made. Very thought-provoking and balanced." (Dr Leon Moosavi, Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, via Twitter)


"Really provides a deeply enlightening view on a subject very few Muslims understand, let alone the wider world." (Listener, Glasgow)


(On Heirs of the Prophet, my BBC World Service series on Sunni-Shia relations in Britain, June 2013)

Career coaching:


"You picked me up when I was at an all-time low and set me firmly back on track. Thank you for giving me my confidence in myself back. I'm ready to fly now!"

Career coaching client, Spring 2016


"I felt empowered to make the best possible use of my three sessions for coaching and training for job interview skills. I was put at my ease straight away. I learned some great principles, and as a result can go into job interviews - for the first time in many years - feeling confident and on the front foot."

Career coaching client


"I really enjoyed our first session and rate your coaching skills highly. You have a professional but gentle manner and an insightful way of summing up what my priorities really are. I would recommend you without hesitation."

Career coaching client