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News, August 2018


Radio and podcasts:

My latest production for the BBC World Service is now ready and will go on air on 28th August. Stand by for a remarkably sprightly 93-year-old - Eva Sternheim-Peters, who joined the female equivalent of the Hitler Youth at the age of 10 and quickly rose through the ranks. For Witness, she tells Caroline Wyatt what the appeal of the League of German Girls was. 


We have also finished my BBC Radio 4 documentary on the beliefs of the 'nones' - that majority of the British population who tick the 'no religion' box in surveys. Jane Little meets a couple who believe that their deceased baby daughter is now an angel and sending them signs - and an atheist who claims to have seen a whole raft of ghostly apparitions. You'll be able to hear the programme both on R4 and the World Service. Dates to be announced. 


This summer's awards season brought us a good crop, and I'm immensely proud of my CTVC Audio team, who were runners-up in the Interview of the Year category at the Sandford St Martin Trust Awards on 7th June. The successful entry was Mark Dowd's interview with Babar Ahmad, whose reflections on spending Ramadan in solitary confinement in the US make powerful listening. The full interivew is here.


In the meantime, Remote Control War, a documentary on US drone warfare which I oversaw last year, came away with a silver in the New York Festival Radio awards fort the "World's Best National/International Affairs Radio Programme". 



Impact skills training:

With the deadline for the REF2021 fast approaching, there are more and more bookings for my impact skills training for research-active academics. Feedback is consistently very positive:


"Excellent, broad and thought-provoking."

"I have understood what impact really is. It will help me write better Pathways to Impact sections in grant applications."

"Very clear and a good speed (didn’t feel rushed)."

(Participants, Coventry University, Core Impact Training and Impact Through Public Engagement)


"Excellent! Great energy and clarity of explanation, and happy to answer questions."

"I would highly recommend attending."

"This session was excellent and well worth attending. 10/10!"

"She was excellent! Great communicator - succeeded in keeping my attention all morning (and this is not easy!)"

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Chester, April 2018)


"Thoroughly recommended."

"Very rich and informative session."

"Good overview, helpful and reassuring - roll on the next one!"

(Participants, Gathering Evidence to Corroborate Your Impact, University of Chester, April 2018)


"The depth of insight the presenter had on the development of case studies [was particularly useful]."

"I will start looking for impacts in ways I would have dismissed in the past."

"Very knowledgeable. Good communicator."

"Trainer was good, and excuse the pun - made an impact and showed me cases and examples of impact that I personally would have overlooked."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact: Case Study Development, Evidence Gathering and Writing a Strong Narrative, Aston University, February 2018)


"Learning a huge amount about how scientists might impact policy. Really liked the practical examples."

"Really thought-provoking written exercises."

"Kristine answered questions very professionally, providing everyone with ideas on how to move things forward."

(Participants, influencing policy and policy brief writing for senior reseachers, International Ocean Discovery Program, January 2018)


"Kristine was great, very clear [about] our aims, objectives and a very intersting speaker. She is very knowledgeable."

"Very helpful and approachable."

"Very good at explaining the course material and making it relevant for the group."

(Participants, core impact training for ECRs and introduction to policy impact, International Ocean Discovery Program, January 2018)


"Very well structured and a lot of relevant examples."

"She was excellent. I liked her delivery style and patience with us! Thank you!"

"All very clear / engaging / very useful feedback on my own impact case study."

(Participants, Gathering Evidence to Corroborate Your Impact, School of Oriental and African Studies, December 2017)


"Very good. Clearly understands our needs. Very facilitative."

"Clear as ever. Good session structure and delivery."

"Great communication and relaxed style - led to interesting discussion and relevant insights."

(Participants, Gathering Impact Evidence, Anglia Ruskin University, Health Sciences, October 2017)


"Very knowledgeable and helpful - able to respond to specific requirements of department."

"Very polished, articulate and well-informed - created a very good impression of Bulletin!"

"Less scared of the process now I understand better."

"Excellent - friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and helpful."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester, Department of Psychology, September 2017)


"Excellent. Great interpersonal skills. Tailored the session to meet my needs."

(One-to-one participant, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, September 2017)


"It was really useful and gave us lots of good pointers for moving our case studies forward."

(Team leader, Impact Case Study Development, Anglia Ruskin University, Social Care and Social Policy, July 2017)


"Undoubtedly moved the team forwards in a very positive and supportive way."

"Excellent, thorough, thought-provoking and very positive."

"Kristine was great. Very informative."

"Very well prepared about our work."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester, Department of Law, July 2017)


"Excellent as always."

"Extremely helpful. Could do with Kristine working in the Faculty."

"Clear, organised presentation. Good focus on key points as well as discursive ideas."

(Participants, Towards the REF2021: Developing Your Impact Case Studies, Anglia Ruskin University, Health Sciences, June 2017)


"Very useful overview of policymaking and makers. Sample policy briefs were really useful to see and to critique."

"Very helpful and friendly. Listened well/actively. Gave useful feedback."

"Sign up if you get a chance."

(Participants, Influencing Policymakers: Effective Briefs, Open University, June 2017)


"Highly informative. Very knowledgeable presenter. Learnt a great deal."

"We are just at the starting point of our impact case study, so the information provided has provided much clarity and guidance for the way forward!"

"Very clear. Handled difficult people very well."

"Good at time management."

"She was brilliant."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester Business School, May 2017)


"Great. Very informative."

"Very useful. Gives a good 'Outside Bangor University' perspective."

"Very knowledgeable and answered questions precisely."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact for Mid-Career Researchers, Bangor University, May 2017)


"There was a range of topics that were all relevant to the stage in my career."

"[As a result of this workshop, I will] begin collecting specific measurables and evidence for my impact in research."

"Very engaging and authoritative."

"Very experienced and knows what she's talking about."

(Participants, Building Research Impact Skills for ECRs, Bangor University, May 2017)


"It was all very helpful."

"It was all excellent."

(Participants, Impactful Engagement with Groups, Events and Projects, University of Westminster, April 2017)


"Very clear and well structured."

"Really good, 'insider info'."

"I feel quite confident about going forward now."

"Highly recommend!"

(Participants, Policy brief writing, University of Southampton, February 2017) 


Further comments are on the Testimonials page.



Career coaching:

This lovely comment is from a coaching client I worked with earlier this year:

"You picked me up when I was at an all-time low and set me firmly back on track. Thank you for giving me my confidence in myself back. I'm ready to fly now!"


Kristine Pommert and team receive the Sandford St Martin Trust award for Interview of the Year 2016 Receiving the Sandford St Martin Trust Award for Interview of the Year 2016. Image by Caroline Field.