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News, May 2017


Radio and podcasts:

Three of my productions have been submitted for the Jerusalem Awards: two editions of our four- part series, The Dilemma, featuring Chad Arnold (whose brother Ryan died after donating part of his liver to Chad) and Trevell Coleman (a successful rapper who turned himself in for a cold-case murder); and our Christmas podcast, Born in Bethlehem. Fingers crossed for the award ceremony in October!


I acted as Executive Producer for The Pity of War, an edition of Heart and Soul for the BBC World Service which brought together two former enemies who had fought on opposite sides in the Falklands War. Both are still wrestling with those memories and whether they made the right choices 35 years on. The presenter is Kati Whitaker. 


This was our second World Service documentary this year. In January, I oversaw one looking at Remote Control War. In this programme, Vin Ray investigates the legal, ethical and psychological dimensions of drone warfare. Location produced by Jane Little. 


The BBC World Service version of Out in Africa went out on the Heart and Soul strand on 1st January. In this programme, Charles Adesina explores what it means to be LGBT in a continent which is arguably the most religious and the most homophobic in the world. You can listen here

A longer version of Out in Africa was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 20th December. 



Impact skills training:

I have had a lot of bookings for my impact skills training for research-active academics, and  feedback is consistently positive:


"Highly informative. Very knowledgeable presenter. Learnt a great deal."

"We are just at the starting point of our impact case study, so the information provided has provided much clarity and guidance for the way forward!"

"Very clear. Handled difficult people very well."

"Good at time management."

"She was brilliant."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact and Case Study Development, University of Winchester, May 2017)


"Great. Very informative."

"Very useful. Gives a good 'Outside Bangor University' perspective."

"Very knowledgeable and answered questions precisely."

(Participants, Advanced Research Impact for Mid-Career Researchers, Bangor University, May 2017)


"There was a range of topics that were all relevant to the stage in my career."

"[As a result of this workshop, I will] begin collecting specific measurables and evidence for my impact in research."

"Very engaging and authoritative."

"Very experienced and knows what she's talking about."

(Participants, Building Research Impact Skills for ECRs, Bangor University, May 2017)


"It was all very helpful."

"It was all excellent."

(Participants, Impactful Engagement with Groups, Events and Projects, University of Westminster, April 2017)


"Very clear and well structured."

"Really good, 'insider info'."

"I feel quite confident about going forward now."

"Highly recommend!"

(Participants, Policy brief writing, University of Southampton, February 2017) 


"I have now overcome the phobia of starting a blog. Also I have a clear understanding of what a good blog should look and read like."

"Very practical and immediately useful."

"Go for it!"

(Participants, Articulating Your Story and Impact Through Social and Digital Media, Aberystwyth University, November 2016)


"An excellent opportunity to reflect on the best way to create an effective impact narrative."

"I will now be more open-minded about generating different types of impact."

"Good for getting the wheels in gear."

(Participants, Advanced Impact refresher, Open University, Centre for Reseach in Computing, October 2016)


"Opened a door to a world I realize I know very little about!"

"Very clear advice."

"Essential for anyone who is planning to submit a grant application that has the potential to impact policy/practice."

(Participants, Effective Policy Briefs, University of Southampton, October 2016)


"A very valuable experience which demystifies the process of giving radio interviews and left me with lots of practical tools/tips."

"I will be more pro-active in following up links between my research and 'what’s in the news'.”

"Kind, encouraging and experienced. Anecdotes from experience very helpful."

(Participants, Media Training for Women, University of Winchester, September 2016)


"Thank you so much for the two IMPACT workshops for the Social Work/Social Policy REF team. We have made real progress with our evolving case studies and are all much clearer on the types of information we need to be gathering." (Prof Carol Munn-Giddings, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Anglia Ruskin University, July 2016) 



Further comments are on the Testimonials page.



Career coaching:

This lovely comment is from a coaching client I worked with earlier this year:

"You picked me up when I was at an all-time low and set me firmly back on track. Thank you for giving me my confidence in myself back. I'm ready to fly now!"


Kristine Pommert and team receive the Sandford St Martin Trust award for Interview of the Year 2016 Receiving the Sandford St Martin Trust Award for Interview of the Year 2016. Image by Caroline Field.