Coaching after cancer

A cancer diagnosis can mean that the job you have done so far is longer suitable - or it no longer feels meaningful.


As a qualified career coach with first-hand experience of cancer, I can help you consider your options and discover what is right and meaningful for you at this point in your life.


Contact me using this page to find out more.


I have charted my own breast cancer journey in The Broken Bowl, a blog based on an audio diary which I kept in the six months after my initial diagnosis in September 2016. Please feel free to take a look.

The title of the blog refers to the Japanese art of kintsugi – mending broken bowls with gold, resulting in something far more beautiful and valuable than the original vessel. Kintsugi is a symbol of how brokenness can lead to a new sense of inner wholeness.


The search for meaning and meaningful living is what some people would define as spiritual - and that may take very different forms for each individual. If you are considering coaching, we can include this dimension or just talk about meaning in the more general sense, just as you prefer.