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On religion, faith, and ethical questions:



Husbands and Priests, a BBC World Service documentary examining whether we might soon see married priests in the Roman Catholic Church - particularly considering that they exist in pockets of the Catholic fold already. 


Witness: Being Black in Nazi Germany, the story of the astonishing Theodor Wonja Michael, who grew up mixed race in 1930s Germany and survived the Nazi terror by appearing as an extra in propaganda films. 


Imran Qureshi: Beauty and Carnage. The renowned Pakistani artist in conversation with his friend, French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, for the BBC World Service's arts strand, In the Studio. 


Behold the Man: a five-part series of Essays for BBC Radio 3, broadcast during Holy Week 2019. Every day, a different writer tackles a painting at the National Gallery depicting a scene from the last week of Christ's earthly life. 




Imams in the Vatican

Abdul-Rehman Malik follows a group of future Muslim leaders from Britain as they immerse themselves at the heart of the world's largest church.


Sushi Marriages

Zubeida Malik examines what happens when a Sunni and a Shia Muslim tie the knot.


The Dilemma - Mike Wooldridge talks to people who have had to make some of the most difficult life choices imaginable. Episodes include:


Chad Arnold - the man who accepted a live liver donation from his brother Ryan, only to see Ryan die a few days later.


Trevell Coleman, better known under how rapper name G Dep, who turned himself in for a cold case killing to "get right with God".


Iftikhar Khan, who was abducted and held hostage for 20 days because of his Ahmadi faith.


Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja Gambo, two women from Jos in Northern Nigeria who have joined hands across the Christian-Muslim divide to work for peace.


A Knock at the Door

The people who have to deliver the most difficult message to a family - the news that a loved one has been killed


A Mother's Good Friday: Diane Foley

The mother of James Foley, the first Western hostage killed by IS, on how her faith saw her through - and why she has forgiven her son's unrepentant killer

Winner, Interview of the Year, Sandford St Martin Awards, 2016

Winner, Good Friday Digital, Jerusalem Awards, 2015


Faith in Oman

The conservative Muslim Gulf state that stands out for its religous tolerance. 2 episodes.


Heirs of the Prophet

Why has the rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims grown so much wider?


An Anatomy of Evil

Is anybody inherently evil, rather than just committing evil acts?


Uganda: the Side Dish Issue

HIV/AIDS is rising again in Uganda. Are the churches partly to blame? 


Being Joseph

Can Christ’s earthly father inspire stepfathers today? Finalist, Jerusalem Awards 2011


The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

A Muslim reflection on the names of God in the Qur'an


After Blue Star

Sikhs recall the storming of the Golden Temple in Amritsar - and its political fall-out


Jews in Berlin

Why Jewish life is flourishing again in Hitler's capital 


More of my programmes on religion and faith can be found on the Things Unseen podcast website. 

On other issues:

The Great War Diaries

Stories of World War I told through the letters and diaries of ordinary people from different countries


Third Agers

What it means to grow old in different parts of the world in this 'century of ageing'


The Shipman Effect

Do patients suffer unnecessarily because doctors are fearful of being branded the new Harold Shipman?


The Trouble with Condoms

Straight talk about why the safe sex message is still so often ignored